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final use of sppf tags I believe :o

Well, I better do this now while it's on my mind and I'm feeling it. Hell, I've even decided to stay away from Face-Offs now otherwise I'm just never going to feel like I'm sticking to my original plan which was to leave. And now's kinda like, a good time to do so. While drama appears to have died down and I don't feel the need to ogle profiles and wonder what's going on and my friends are all WUT at some random thing so-and-so's done and I make some random comment and forge an opinion and worry over how everyone's doing and all that shit.

But SPPF has gotten really boring for me and I've lost practically all interest in the Pokemon fandom except for like, playing the games and hell, I'm not even caring so much for Bishieshipping anymore - that is how much the Pokemon fandom has died on me. I don't even care if my least fave ships go have orgy sex anymore or if my fave ships get it on, it's all the same to me. I just don't care for that anymore.

I like to think that you have chapters in your life and stuff and I think you can totally have a double life with irl shit and online shit and quite frankly, I'm ready to turn the page from the SPPF chapter of my online life. As other fandoms are reaching out to me and the Pokemon fandom has died on me, I still stand by my belief that now's the perfect time.

Thinking of setting up an LJ community of sorts or at least joining more of them. Maybe make a forum on or a C2, I don't care. Hell, I'm thinking of making more use of my fictionpress account or something. I need to use my deviantArt account for once too. Uh... anyways, back to SPPF.

Good times be on SPPF. Bad times too. I don't really need to delve into dramas and quite frankly, I know lots of sides to certain dramas that are often overlooked. Don't we all, though? Uh, anyway... I'ma just say some other shit now.

My SPPF fics are dead. Kthnxbai. It was fun writing them and all but I have lost every ounce of inspiration I once had for those fics. Sorry. =/ Also uh, I won't answer anymore PMs or VMs and DO NOT FRIEND REQUEST ME. I will not log in to accept you or anything anymore. I already have the people I like on MSN too.

You can contact me on LJ, I suppose. Here's the entry you ought to go to if you want to keep in contact with me. LJ yay. And on that note, any old SPPF rambley entry I made can mostly die because I don't see my opinions on any of that as relevant anymore. So people I used to bitch about or whatever, ahaha, that's over. OVER.

So I guess what this stupid entry boils down to is goodbye SPPF. I'm severing as many ties as I can to go get a life, rofl. As many other members have done, apparently. I will not return for anything and I'll log out for the last time today. Woo? Or something. =/ I've got this entry public and I'll allow any old messages and anything but quite frankly, none of you should give a shit for the fact I'm ditching. =/ And for the people that go 'oh I'm dead on SPPF anyway', if you're still posting in a section or go on to change sigs or send VMs or click on threads that people link you to, you haven't left ahaha. You're still tied down, face it. :x

See ya suckers

Tags: bye bye sppf, online crap irl can go away, sppf, sppf drama is the lulz, sppf is a place where i lurk
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